Chemical Machining & Etching Services

Cervical Plate Nitinol Clips

Tecomet Inc. offers precision, high quality chemical etching for medical devices, including etched nitinol clips used for cervical plates. Our precision etching processes ensure that our cervical plate clips will meet your exact specifications, ensuring a secure fit. We have earned our reputation by manufacturing etched clips that provide reliable, high performance in implanted cervical plates. Tecomet Inc.’s staff has the experience to work with you on your project from research, development and design through FDA approval and production.

At Tecomet Inc., we specialize in working with difficult-to-etch metals such as nitinol. We were the first company to successfully etch nitinol and we have developed a propriety solution that cuts the metal with the tight tolerance and edge control required for medical devices including nitinol clips for cervical plates.

Custom Etched Clips

Many customer prefer our proprietary process over laser and EDM machining because it produces custom nitinol clips with excellent feature and tolerance control that are burr-free and have no heat-affected zones. This is important with nitinol because our process has no effect on the super-elastic property of the base material. We can machine parts as thin as 0.001 inches thick, up to 0.040 inches thick. Our production facilities include clean rooms and automated visual inspection equipment to ensure that the parts meet all industry, CE Mark and FDA standards. All of our parts are manufactured to ISO 9001:2008.

At Tecomet Inc., we are committed to manufacturing the highest quality products, meeting or exceeding your expectations and delivering parts that will perform well in what can be life-saving applications.

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